Moving, organizing

In case you hadn’t guessed – I am in the process of moving over seven years worth of blog postings plus two websites from my Germany server to one located in the US. It is not that I am unhappy with their service, to the contrary, they are fantastic. It is because at some point in the near future I won’t have a German bank account. Please follow the following logic; if I don’t have a German bank account I won’t be able to pay by monthly electronic transfer. No pay = no website and all the problems that may bring. There is a standard method of payment here, automatic transfer. I could do so from the US but the additional service charges would be exorbitant.

So, for the next however long it takes me to turn sites, posts and my life inside you can watch amused. This little front piece will change as I go. So watch this space. See the headers change on a random basis and wait to see when I get around to moving the content…….


most recent update 10 Sept 2015 while literally at sea.

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