Flour Sack Towels

I have found flour sack towels (purchased in packs of a dozen through amazon.com) are quick, forgiving and useful. The caveat is that it makes no sense to use an extremely dense embroidery design. Rather, many of the open, schematic or brush stroke appearing designs work and wear well. Another added benefit is that it doesn’t take forever….

most of the designs on this page come from either Embroidery Library or Urban Threads.

the espresso maker – 12/18

Microscopes – 01/19

old style camera 01/19

x two. reversed colors


and flour sack towel

other hand towels

as close as I am going to get

– 12 Aug 2019

three flowers, hand towels

12 Aug 2019 – intended as a thank you gift

on a towel

which has gone to more than one person

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