Knit & Spin

Would you believe that I have more than one fiber hobby?

There is spinning, followed by knitting. There is patchwork. And then there is knitting by itself.

If I get at the camera, then I will add the spinning wheels, the schacht loom (new home in 2017), the sewing machines…

The Spinning Wheels:

Spinning has a long history – so obviously the wheels come from a variety of locations. Of those which I now have (2024 update) – one is from the Netherlands, my  Timbertops Chair Wheel was made in the UK, and the Paulitz was hand made in Germany. The Schacht found a new home in 2014. I have a Victoria which is safely tucked away in its original box.  I think there may well be pieces/parts from a few other machines. I also have two small Nano micro electric spinning wheels.  The third found a home in fall of 2023.

Sewing Machines –

Pfaff –

Viking –

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