The home page for Tempting Tangles is here – The designs are primarily “Quaker” or sampler designs. There are some free minis on the site. A serious number of the patterns are offered initially in SAL (stitch-a-long) format. I purchased a couple of their patterns – Coffee and Tea related samplers several months ago. They are in the futures pile. (as of 27 March 2020).

I am not all that thrilled about traditional samplers, especially those that replicate originals, mistakes and all. Even some of the more modern designs don’t excite me. I find stitching letters extremely boring. Back stitching is even worse.

I like some of Deborah’s travel series, but have found her “Quakers in Japan” just too busy for my taste. Making use of my in-house graphic design expert (aka Miriam) I have decided to wait until I have the last of the units, then drop those portions which I don’t find interesting and re-arrange the parts that I want to keep. When that one is finished, I am likely to do the same with her Quakers in Scotland pattern.

There is, however,  something nice about SALs, the pressure to motor through to finish something just isn’t there. The pattern is presented in reasonable bites.

  • Mini Quaker Valentines

This pattern is on the site as a freebie,

It is a quick stitch with the total size being 81×62 stitches. The fabric is 14ct Aida. The thread used for the stitches is Threadworx #12 Perle (no longer available) and the backstitching is DMC 816. I had the pattern in front of me for the first side. When I started the second side, I attempted to mirror the first. As you can see, dyslexia struck. At least I found the error and corrected it while completing the back stitching. The pattern called for beads. I thought about it. I have beads, But really, This is just fine without them.

      1. Coffee Compendium

Started 24 July 2020 – Stitched on 18 ct Fiddler’s Cloth (Charles Craft – and the issue is that it is only available in ONE size – 15×18 just isn’t quite big enough so I am going to have to add bands when done in order to frame it. The thread is 12wt Sulky, a combination of solids and blendables.



                  1. On my list to be stitched are
                1. Tempting Teas – which is the companion piece to Coffee above
                1. Quakers in Japan. I am keeping the dragon, the cranes (without the frame) and the teapot and cups.Obviously Mt Fuji, the cherry tree and temple will also remain. I just don’t want things quite as cluttered as the pattern is.
                2. Quakers in Scotland. The pattern is just starting to be released. Again, I am going to wait till I have the whole pattern, then decide which elements I want to keep. Certainly the flag.
                3. Queen’s Medal Sampler. I have no idea whether or not I will wind up stitching this particular pattern at all. But it sounded interesting….
                4. there is also a small Halloween freebie as well as one for St Patricks Day in case anyone is interested.
                5. 3 Aug 2020 – also added are Home Comfort and Enjoy the Sunshine.
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