Farewell to Anger

Farewell to Anger

is HAED’s version of what this should look like stitched.

As a New Year’s Eve start – I will provide more or less thumbnails of ongoing progress. I am using Pattern Keeper as software to track ¬†progress, manage the ~ 90 colors. I am stitching on gridded Aida. ¬†And, since I have been happily having ongoing FaceTime stitch-alongs with my friend Jill in Australia – this was actually a New Years start on Australia Time!

I started in the upper left corner and am obviously stitching on the diagonal as the easiest way to stitch, manage all the colors, and to track progress. All those extra threads are parked in the location where they are next used.

Stitching a full coverage piece like this is not fast. There are almost never blocks of color. Instead there are plenty of areas which are referred to as “confetti” with less than fondness as a horizontal stretch of 10 stitches may well encompass 10 different colors. I am stitching on the diagonal, but it is 20 stitches wide rather than 10.

and then I spent some time distracted by other projects – a return to stitching in March –

And – (not uploading all the interval pictures)

June 18, 2020

and completed.

30 June 2020

where it is hanging over the front of my floor stand. I have yet to wash (to take out the grid lines) and haven’t even begun to think about framing). But six months – 76k stitches on this project alone.

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