Dance at Bougival

1 Feb - almost finished

1 Feb – almost finished

Again – purchased the pattern as a download from ClicknStitch. The original was designed to be a 2×6 ” bookmark on 22 cloth. Failing at that particular bit of fine work as I appreciate both my eyes and the singular lack of usefulness of such a small object – this Cross stitch will be a bit larger.

It was chosen by the Eldest. I had something else in mind which she voted down as too large to eve be displayed. The end negotiation is that 44×132 on Aida 11 will give her 4 x 12 which is a more than reasonable size for one of a number of items in a wall display.

There are “only” 74 colors as well …

Progress is in the gallery below.

I started with some fabric on hand, then tossed it in favor of new. The fold had probably been there for a decade or two and really wanted to impact the design. For as many hours as something takes – saving $3US didn’t seem all that smart.

I did wind up picking out a part of her dress and the man’s hand the first time through and redoing.

Past Progress

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