Arriving home at the end of the day (we will not talk about the wagon that managed to have a tail light go out today, sometime between when I left home and arrived at the vehicle testing station) I did household chores before checking my email to see if the Sock Madness Pattern had arrived.

This – (and you can see the pix on the contest sight) is Zombie Socks. Scary? Only if you don’t really want to deal with drop stitch patterns.

I had rewound a couple of different colours. Perhaps I should have gone with a solid-blood? perhaps? But instead I went with a normal sockyarn in Black & Blue. Closest to Zombie that I am going to get and it appeals to my sense of humor.

And yes, this is a contest, a time race contest. The first should not be that bad, one only has to be within the top 40 in your own division to survive. The good thing is that this is a top down pattern, 64 stitches which means that I have to go down to 2,00 mm and then there is the fact that I left my good needles in Germany. The Roedel needles weren’t nice at all, so I am now on Inox Bamboo which hopefully will be better.

The dishes are washed, laundry is done and hanging to dry. Now it is time to put the Dead Zone in the DvD drive. Other than Dead Like Me, can’t think of anything better for Zombie knitting.




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