Yesterday was Pirate Day

After successfully avoiding all argggghhhhs , I ventured out this early morning. Leaving Wheaton, taillights ahead of me formed a river of red, winking and flaring as cars eddied, ebbed and flowed down Connecticut Avenur onto I495. Around the Beltway and south onto I95 with tributaries joining the main current, construction causing ripples and the occasional impatient driver moving rapidly cross-current to being an ordinary part of the traffic.

Speed limits increased while traffic density decreased. Even the fall pledge drive interrupting the morning programming on public radio failed to keep my attention by 0700. I forget which small town, but I pulled off at what I think was the second Waffelhouse south of the Beltway for coffee. While I was there it seemed only sensible, as you might have guessed, to have a waffle, blueberry in particular.

The staff was a mixed group of ages and backgrounds complete with the stereotypical pin-faced, hunched shoulder middle aged manager who entered the front area complaining and didn’t let up for 15 minutes. The staff treated her with forbearance, but there might have been an eye roll or two. My waitress was a pleasant, ordinary woman who has been working there for over a year. Prior to that she had 21 years in a bank. She remarked that she enjoys the people, the challenges of the mixed customer base and not being behind a computer for the entire day. At 62, she has been married for over 40 years and little surprises her. We didn’t get much beyond hand knitted socks so I don’t know if she has grandchildren, but her Reuther is now back in the US with a full time teaching job in Philadelphia after spending several ears in Korea teaching English as a second language.

Much more awake, I tooled the rest of the way down I95, around Richmond and headed toward the ocean to Brad and Chere’s. I didn’t get lost, got to show off both knitting and pictures of travel after getting the house tour (I want to be Chere when I grow up. She gardens, designs houses, decorates cakes and plays the harp). We finished the day with a lovely Italian dinner and brought home enough extra to feed all those buccaneers…

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