There were a number of construction zones on my drive. There was also a serious accident on northbound I-5 less than 10 miles from the 580 junction that cost over 90 minutes of time. Of course, that is nothing compared to the cost of the flattened RV, smashed car and possessions strewn over the highway enough to cause the entire highway to be forced down to one lane which had to drive single file on a slant in the median to get by. I couldn’t find the accident listed late tonight so perhaps there were only survivors. There is a good reason why there is a speed limit for cars towing trailers, especially in posted high wind areas.

I try to obey the driving rules and avoid too much speeding especially at the current price of fuel. I had a number of idiots pass me at significant speeds at various points. None was more irritating than a black sedan moving so fast I couldn’t even catch its license plate even he almost ran the car ahead of me off the road when they didn’t clear the left lane fast enough.

I was contemplating the usual – where is the highway patrol when you need them as I was exiting the construction zone. My answer was right there in a crisp uniform at the side of the road. With the idiot driver who had recklessly passed me. Thank you CHP!

From there it was a matter of passing the accident mentioned above, signing in and unloading College Guy’s stuff (along with some cookbooks for the Eldest) into the storage unit. I made the hotel without problems, went to Cottage Yarns in South San Francisco, and returned the rental car.

Successful day, that.

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2 Responses to Yes!

  1. Marie says:

    Thank god for safe arrival

    Hi your journey was scary, I couldn’t try that now.
    Thank god you got to your destination in one piece.
    Where are you going to be based on land.
    Have a nice weekend and have a little rest

  2. Ruth says:

    Feeling kinship with you as we drove to L.A. and back last weekend…complete with speeding idiots later seen pulled over by the Chips. Thankfully, no accidents though the winds around Santa Nella were wicked.

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