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  1. A happy happy birthday to you,
    from your loving youngest daughter who is thinking of you and missing you.

  2. Hey, happy birthday your own self! And yet you give ME the present. I am already thinking of you as ever-so-slightly older and a lot wiser–since you seem to get other people to do the baking for you. Thanks for the mention.

  3. Happy B Day.

    Next year this time we will be in Lyon, looking forward to seeing you the end of that week.

  4. Rejoice; still too young to worry about Social Security or Medicare. But best wishes for your SPECIAL day regardless. I guess time zones make this belated greetings; sorry.

  5. @Bob Aux contraire – greetings that last into the next day help the transition back to the real world where I am not the center of the universe (grin).

  6. And here I was trying to work out times (daylight saving and all) so that I did it on the day and not on the day before – now it seems I have done it on the day after – or have I? Have a Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday, dear Holly!!!!

    Hope you had a wonderful day. You are so high energy now, I wonder what you were like when you were younger.

    All best wishes to you,

  8. And this is birthday. 🙂 I was remembering the 4th, which is my
    DISorganization skills! There is my sister’s birthday (last week),
    followed by yours, then my nephew’s, and then my dad’s, all within a
    week. Oy vey!

  9. Oops, I am not that organized. I wish you the very best on your birthday! And you got a clean room out of it. Yay!!

  10. Happy birthday. Just think, only one more year until you can get social security (at the reduced rate).
    I am counting the months until I can collect full social security and my regular paycheck without being penalized. I’m having too much fun as a travel agent to consider full retirement, plus I would lose my travel benefits.

    Have a great year.

  11. Happy 61 COL(ret) !! It’s hard to believe you’re that old ma’am. You don’t act like it, and I do mean that in a good way.

  12. Ah, you are about 5 mo. ahead of me – and, like me, you probably have a hard time thinking of yourself as that age. Anything over about 40 or 45 seems just too weird, doesn’t it? In any case, it sounds like you had a nice couple of days. And, as for your recent travels – I found it difficult to keep up!! Hope you had a great time.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY and best wishes from all of us here –

  13. Oh…gee, guess that means I need to sing you “Happy Birthday”…, nah…won’t put you thru THAT torture… I was told in a play in grammar school to just mouth the words to a song…or else I wouldn’t be allowed on the stage. Another teacher simply said “DO NOT SING OUT LOUD…EVER”. This has obviously traumatized me and to this day, I rarely if ever do any thing other than the Star Spangled Banner…and that no longer fits for your birthday…so….just have a very happy birthday and I’ll spare your hearing….

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