Yet another day at sea.

Not a problem for me, but it seems that a few of our fellow passengers are getting twitchy. The German couple from Dusseldorf who sat at the next table last night informed me that they never would have chosen this cruise if they had known there was a chance of missing St John’s. Not that it was St John’s in specific – but that five sea days in a row were too many and six was unacceptable. Other people were extremely upset at the change in the entertainment program because the new act scheduled to board in St John’s obviously didn’t make it out to the ship.

As for the rest of us, most noticeable the Crafters @ Sea – well we just brought our stuff to the Solarium again today and worked on projects. One woman finished her scarf – two balls of sparkle accented yarn in a basket weave stitch. It was her first project; she was more than pleased. Another woman finished her hat – again a first project and I left her on the final bind-off at about noon.

After the confusion at the beginning of the cruise -we finally managed to pull off the cabin crawl this afternoon. Starting with one of the ocean views on Deck 2, we moved up to six for a balcony followed by deck seven where it turned out that inside and balcony cabins were practically across the hall from each other. Finishing the tour (which had 20 people signed up and turned into a gaggle of almost 40) everyone stopped at both my JS and a similar one on port side.

You can just fill in the rest of the day yourself – talking to people, wandering in to the dining room. More knitting. Traveling 3982 nautical miles since Hamburg.

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