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Would you believe, waiting? — 4 Comments

  1. Hey Knuclehead,

    We’re 15 minutes from JFK(no traffic). You could have hung out at the Hammer’s Flight Lounge. I would have picked you guys up and returned you. Screw my carbon footprint. You just have to buy me some carbon credits.
    Hope you had a nice flight. Next time give me a shout next time.

  2. Yep – doing just that right now; on a runway at LAX trying to make nephew’s grad from Stanford Business at 1700, flt was to dep at 1216, 1320, 1340 (when we boarded and taxied) and now 1510. Low clouds, wind, poor visability at SFO.

  3. Yikes on the plane goof. I’m sorry! I’m glad you at least got in the
    door with George. Airports are for leaving as fast as possible, I think.

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