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  1. Good morning! Enjoyed your e-mail about the telephone poles/wires. Brought back many memories of my childhood back when there were such things as telephone poles Telephone poles were about every, oh, 30 feet apart and made great boundaries for games, childhood arguments (you’re not coming into my yard!), excitement during electrical storms (especially if the lightening hit a transformer) and all sorts of goodies. A place to hang signs (for sale, lost pet, etc.) or a form of entertainment when the linemen would come along to fix or repair the lines and have to climb those poles.

  2. We don’t have buried wires in Wheaton. That is why we lose power all the time. Only the really new suburbs have buried wires. It is pretty expensive to run buried wire. $3M per mile I have heard.

    I hope to have solar panels in Colorado for part of my power, and possibly a small windmill.

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