The weather here is beautiful, the traffic not nearly so.

yep! (Everyone thinks they are right!)

It waas the usual train to Frankfurt, detour to the Lufthansa Lounge for lunch (it is so nice to have a partner with a Senator pass) and bus ride almost to Darmstadt as the flight was at what they call an “apron position.”

In between –

flying in #1

flying in #2

The reverse procedures at Vienna had us promptly on our way to the city when the taxi came to a complete standstill. Listening to the radio, between construction, accidents and general contrayiness the whole city was one interlocked traffic jam.

cast on for Polo

Not being a complete fool – I pulled out the knitting. Having started a cowl on the flight and managing three pattern repeats telling you that I knit anothe two complete repeats in the Taxi might just give you some idea of the hour jerking here and there through backstreets in an attempt to reach the hotel.


Fun? Not!

We are out in the 4th Quarter near the Technical Uni in a hotel built in what were the former Royal Riding Stables. Stately, marble and elegant doesn’t do it justice.

Oh, and for those of you who like excellent food – we had dinner at a lovely outdoor Trattario. George pronounced the fish superb (I shudder when I think of that whole fish on a plate complete with head and bulging eyes but apparently it was broiled and seasoned to perfection). I had a wonderful dish of housemade spinach broad noodles with pear tomatoes, olives, basil and fresh tiny mozzarella cheese balls.

It has gotten late ….

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2 Responses to Wien

  1. Helen says:

    I have the happiest of memories of Vienna…go for it. I wish I could go with you though!!

  2. Chere says:

    oooo- I’m growing red pear tomatoes for the first time this year, can’t wait.

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