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  1. Maternal grandparents: born 1898 and 1899. Grampa came home from WW1 and his dad, who never learned to drive, bought the fanciest latest model car for his sons to drive him around in. Gram learned to drive, and one day saw her middle-aged neighbor from down the street standing in the rain waiting for a street car. She pulled over and offered him a ride home.

    He got in and told her gratefully, Young woman, you may have either of my sons to marry–your choice.

    She looked at him like Are you kidding me! and exclaimed, as she later wrote in her book, I think you’d better ask your sons about that!

    Turns out the oldest had, in fact, a crush on her. She had had a crush on him as a teen but was so over it and was not interested. At all.

    But he had his dad’s new car with the first-ever windshield wipers, so he waited for a snowy day and then invited her out. She did not particularly want to–but she really wanted to see how windshield wipers worked!

    They were married 72 years.

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