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  1. I love the two greys in the second Solo. Are you going to stay home for a while one of these days?

  2. Not a public holiday here – we had one at the beginning of May and one at the end (Late Spring Bank Holiday – formerly Whitsun).

    We had a warm April but so far May and June have been cold up here. I still have the winter quilt on the bed. The plants in the garden are bemused, and “climate change” has superceded “global warming” which doesn’t have a very convincing ring to it round here.

  3. Actually there is something called Whit Monday as well but it is no longer referred to as such in the UK – just a Bank Holiday. It will soon reach a point where mentioning anything Jewish or Christian will be considered to be politically incorrect. Christmas Day was not a holiday in South Australia last year. The Premier, who took the day off and celebrated with family, refused to make it one – although he did give everyone a holiday for a horse race this year…go figure – most people celebrate Christmas and do not go to the races.

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