What Plans?

I have not been knitting. I have been goofing off.

Or rather, I have been doing things for work all week followed by getting the DH from the airport yesterday.

I still can not make plans for next year but there are two options:

1) Retire – which means I will have to move stuff back to Germany NLT the 4th of July,  then go on Vacation with the previously mentioned DH, spend two more weeks in the UK, finishing around 16Aug, teach ATLS again 17-19 Aug. Head for Melbourne (AussieCon here I come) with the Maus (she is the only one who does not have to be in school prior to the Con’s ending. Get back for Rosh Hashanah, go to Ft Benning, go to Afghanistan, go to Ft Benning, head back to Germany and retire.

2) Not retire – which means that stuff goes from here and Germany to Monterey. I live out of suitcase from mid June. Take vacation with the DH, come back, orient my replacement, go to Germany and teach ATLS, fly to CA 20 Aug and get in-processed and settled. Go to Ft Benning, go to Afghanistan, go to Ft Benning, go to CA.

Notice that both options have me without “stuff” for a good 30-60 days? Notice the lack of the Australia junket in the second option?

Why can’t I make up my mind? Well, you see, the second option is contingent on Madigan (well, people at Madigan) doing a bunch of paperwork that has to be approved at multiple levels. Doing it might be high on my priority list, but not necessarily on someone elses. It also might just wind up falling in the too hard to do box.

I have decided that, should nothing be at all decided by the time the Mole and I return from our cruise, option 1 will go into effect.

Semper Gumbi I guess!

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3 Responses to What Plans?

  1. Ruth says:

    Ok, head is whirling from the logistics. Selfishly, I am hoping for retirement, which sends you out this-a-way.

  2. Cat says:

    Can you afford to retire? (Sorry, but THAT has to be the question.)

  3. nana says:

    #1 sounds like you staying in Germany, wheras #2 sounds like you ending up in CA, when will the CA option be coming in #1?

    Will you have time getting packed and moved?

    How do you deal with so much relocation. I amfrantic even reading it.

    Wishing you all you need to get through tis as sane as possible 😉
    Will be mourning whhen you finally leave the HD Area.

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