What else can you charge for?

Before I forget, if I hadn’t posted a completed picture of Fluffy Nessie – here she is

Fluffy Nessie

Most than a bit fuzzie scarf

complete with lots of small, glittering bits hiding here and there. One skein of Patons Lace (acrylic, wool and mohair…)


In the US, travelers are now accustomed to air lines charging for just about everything from checked luggage to drinks and in-flight meals. I have heard of some of the same on some Midland’s flights in the UK. The US airlines have been charging for alcoholic beverages for years on international flights (and you get the best bargain with US$).

I have also seen a trend in charging extra for what certain seats on the aircraft; primarily those which give you extra leg room.

However, I was floored when I discovered that British Airlines wanted to charge me for making a seat reservation ahead of time. I believe the charge was $15. To make a seat reservation, especially with the caveat that the airline could change it if they needed to…. That one is just a bit beyond the pale.

Flying BA

In spite of all of that, I managed to have a comfortable flight across the Atlantic on BA. Leaving late (and arriving at the airport in time to turn in the rental car so as to not incur an additional days charge). I cast on another Nessie to keep my hands occupied. BA actually had my veggie meal (pasta) and the flight was not completely full.

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  1. nana says:

    Such a cool … ahem warm colourway, it did not take you long to knit, I guess it was about two days?

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