What could be better?

It is cold, damp and a New Year. Time (so they tell me) to head back to work.

I would rather talk about knitting. Staying home knitting with a nice cup of coffee, or tea, or cocoa. One can always find an excuse for a cup of cocoa with mint.

Vår Løysing

Ends woven in, and the vest is blocking upstairs even if the room is cold enough to make my hands ache.

Finished Vest

Finished Vest

Tomorrow I will move it to the drying cupboard and get a better pix from the back side.


Well, this is the third one of these alpaca scarves that I have knit. Not usually being a person for orange, I might not wear it that enthusiastically. But it is soft and warm and I still love the mindless knit that turns into fake plaid.

Hummingbird #3

Hummingbird #3

This takes my project list down to only two projects actually under way. Gives me the opportunity to decide what goes on the needles next.

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