went to St Maarten

and stayed in Phillipsburg. Didn’t go to the airport and get pummeled by planes. Didn’t go snorkeling (although I probably should have since the camera battery is recharged), but I didn’t want a lot more sun exposure till I recover from Bonaire.

Forget my sunblock? Who me?

Anyway, it is Sunday in St Maarten. The stores that are going to open do so at about 1000. The streets are not blocked off and the merchants seem a bit desperate. There is only one ship in port today not the five to six which has been my usual experience here. Additionally, according to multiple shop keepers – there has been more looking this year and less buying.

The good thing about all of this for me is that the streets are not so swamped with people that I can’t walk.  So I visited my favorite camera store and picked up the last thing I am going to need/want for a long time.  Then we hiked back toward the ship and made a stop at the Leathergoods store. Over the years I have purchased belts and the occasional jacket here.  I love leather jackets and have no guilt in wearing them, so I always go looking. The manager recognized me and, among other suggestions, pointed me to the really bargain rack.

That was nothing compared to Cheré greeting him in Turkish and receiving the red carpet treatment. It was fun to watch.

We hiked back to the ship with bags, not all that much poorer. The Art Box (jewelry store) wasn’t open so the credit cards were spared.

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