Wednesday to London

The 0717 to London (that lovely, direct train) was quite packed this morning. And it always amazes me the people who sit down on the outside of two seats, place all their items on the window seat and then get upset when someone asks them to either move in, or move their things. Far as I can tell, purchasing one ticket entitles you to one seat. Even if it is at a table, you really can’t claim two.

I had an all day meeting at MOD (Ministry of Defence) – located in Whitehall, Westminster. Since it is an easy walk across the Thames (yes, there are several bridges) from Waterloo Station I don’t normally bother with the Tube.

Following the meeting, I hung out in London for the afternoon killing time before the planned dinner at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese located just off Fleet Street. Surprisingly, there were a couple of great vegetarian options on the menu; an occurrence that is much more common in the UK than in good ol’ Germany.

Rather than deal with changing subway lines, I just hiked back from Blackfriars to Waterloo. My energy was up for it. My feet were not; so much for trying to wear something other than clunky shoes.


I did manage to finish up the first Rose Sock and get the second one started. Almost made up for the fact that my MP3 player decided to freeze on me.


It was almost 2300 by the time I finally had managed to hike back to RMAS, pick up my car and motor on home.


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  1. ruth says:

    The train thing must be universal; it happens on the commuter run from NJ to NYC.

    I wanna go to London, too!

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