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  1. i used an old favorite, checklist on the door frame.

    weapon, PT belt, CAC, hat, sunglasses, keys, camera…etc. It evolved over the deployment. I, too, suffered from some form of “forgetsies” – thought it might be due to understimulation or depression or both. Brain just did not feel as sharp as usual.

    Leaving the CAC in the computer at work was always the worst – 20 minute drive one way to get it again…

  2. Can you keep it inside a boot? Wouldn’t you put your boots on last, so when you remove it from your boots to insert your foot, you could instantly strap it on?

    How fruatrating and scary, too.

    I always leave things by the door to remind myself to take when I leave and sometimes I can have thousands of other things on my mind and walk right over it. So the solution would appear to go thru a process of creating an internal checklist since it is something you must have everyday and before you know it, it will become instinctual.

  3. Hook on the back of the door sounds like a plan. Would also make for a good way of ensuring you had privacy as who could open a door with a weapon blocking the entrance? Carving a likeness out of soap or possibly wood would help you pass the time and also make for a lighter load. 🙂 I could send you some paints or tape to make it more realistic 🙂

    I take it that you have to have your weapon(s) with you at all times even if this means putting your back/shoulders out in the process?

  4. Perhaps this means it’s time for you to retire???? Besides, isn’t it against the moral code for a doctor to carry a weapon? Hahahah. I think it just means it’s time to retire. Good luck!

  5. You have to try to develop muscle memory for wearing it. What is the last think you do remember to take every day?

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