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Royal doesn’t have waterslides; NCL does. I am not counting the baby slides on either the Radiance or the Serenade even tho I have spent significant time on both. Somehow a slide that I burn off more energy on the 100 steps from the base of the slide around to the tiny tower including the 17 steps up to the start just isn’t all that impressive in comparison.

Here we have four slides: (photos taken both earlier in the cruise and this morning).

The first is considered the family slide. Open on the top to the air, one slides down either sitting or lying. A parent can go down with small person in their lap; hence the name “family slide.”

Next comes the large tube through which one sails on a tub either alone or in a double ring. There is an instant where one can see the outside world prior to plunging into darkness lit by LED, around a few curves and down to the bottom and sunlight. This turned out to be the most popular ride of the afternoon. So much so that a number of us “lighter” passengers were using the tubes rated for children. (last photo taken early in the morning without water running.

Lastly, there are the aqua plunge racers, side by side. It appears to be about a 3 meter drop almost straight down at the top before shooting around a curve, up, over followed by a down and out. Unfortunately, there was a problem with the release mechanism as reported by the sport staff. The tech due to repair them in South Hampton didn’t manage to get his thing done prior to sailing of the ship. I was spared either the panic of trying them out and/or the humiliation of getting stuck partway through the tube.

There was a Cruise Critic gathering for a water slide and pool party about 1500. The weather had warmed up and a good time was had I believe by everyone.

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