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  1. That’s rotten about the temp quarters. It seems from their use that they are desperately needed by their exhausted drop-ins, and really should be upgraded for the sake of safety.

  2. Glad you have at least this avenue to vent . . . and there are some of us wishing we were still young enough to be there doing that.

  3. Free rice!! Nice of them. I take it that vegetarians are not taken into account when someone is sorting out meals for the mess? That’s not nice. Even I, if I had my way, would prefer the vegetarian option on occasion…much healthier as well.

  4. Holly,

    I was there earlier this year, and It looks like they added more beds to tents. There where no metal bunks, just 16 wood bunks enough for 32 people.

    As I recall they weren’t that comfortable either, but I had a lot of room, the poor guys that where there for months ended up in cramped the dorm rooms!

    I also hope the DFAC has improved, the steak was like beef jerky, so I stuck with chicken.

    Good Luck

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