waiting for sunset

I have been here for a lifetime – or four days as of this evening. It seems about the same to me. I watched this week’s rotation pack and load all their gear this morning – they are contracted flights this evening.

I did mention that I have my own room, complete with chair, one iron bedstead and a locker so heavy it would take a forklift to move it. Right as I was heading out this morning a couple of nice NCO’s stopped by for a room inspection.

Oh! You are not leaving?

No, sorry about that – see you next week?


So there I was, just before 0900, breakfast eaten, shower taken, load of laundry done (washed the sheets while I was at it – jeans and turtleneck alone just looked pitiful in the washer), looking for a ride up to main post.

Met some nice NCOs at the redeployment section and a reserve COL who is trying to get his paperwork straightened out. Since he had to go to finance, I hitched a ride to the library. Means that I have almost six hours here on the computer. No excuse for not starting my continuing education and a chance to add about six more audio books to the travel collection.

I like a variety in what I listen to. This time I have both Neil Gaiman and Simon Winchester along with a couple of lovely fluff books. I am also being a good kid – having signed up for my last CME module (in order to extend the recert exam) and downloaded most of the materials. Planning, really, to not leave it to the last week of the year and avoid the crisis.

Said crisis might just not be as much fun without my family around to sympathise.

Time is passing, soon the shuttle will take me back to the base. Sundown will come. I will join others, like Jews all over the world, in hearing Kol Nidre and know that every year – although I will try my best – things can always be done better. Plans succeed, promises more than kept.

May your fast be a gentle one.

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6 Responses to waiting for sunset

  1. Kathie says:

    La Shana Tova, may you be written in the Book of Life. Have an easy fast.

  2. Ruth says:

    I’m a big fan of Simon Wincheter…Which books did you chose? I just got Kindle! this week. So far, only loaded on the ones I can find for free. Can you say, “classics”? I knew you could!

    May your holiday and your year be blessed. Shalom.

  3. Steve says:

    I’ll be thinking about you when your’re downrange and sending you safety thoughts.

  4. Carmen says:

    Simon Winchester – fun fluff. I enjoy listening to him talk.

    You will be in my heart and prayers tonight and tomorrow.

  5. Isobel says:

    And, again, may you come back whole and healthy.

  6. Pat says:

    Sometimes, when we are away from those we love, we are more strongly
    in their thoughts and they in ours. I hear this in the poetry of your
    closing statements here. A determination, focus, compassion that are
    so characteristic of how I think of you.

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