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  1. What I see lacking in all this discussion is the role of the Commanding Officer of the vessel.

    He (I assume is it male) could not have been blind to all this, yet allowed it to proceed.

    As a CO silence is taken as approval.

    Their responsibility has not been discussed, and I feel they are as culpable as the XO who acted in a manner he was led to believe had command backing.

    By silence, if nothing else.

  2. Yes, amen.

    It shouldn’t be that much trouble to treat people decently, and I really admire the way the military generally has worked to change culture to do that.

    At the same time, we have people taking the N word out of Huckleberry Finn. Should we really? Is that a logical extension? That just drives people nuts.

    (ITSM, if that is what it takes to make people comfy enough to read Huck Finn in high school, OK, but the introduction to the book needs to say clearly what has been done and why, and needs to tell the reader that there’s an unabridged version.)

  3. I’m not touching this one…having been in during a time when this was considered ‘normal’. Interestingly, I saw less discrimination when I spent my almost 3 years at Beeville, Texas than at any time during my civilian life, before or since.
    As for the videos, I’d say he can get a job at SNL any time… The full unedited versions are, of all places, available on navytimes.com

  4. I have to say that the responses of some of your commentators are a bit disappointing and lacking in insight. This has nothing to do with mechanical political correctness, but the whole tone and atmosphere of a command environment. Maybe it is just as well that some folks have retired. You are very correct in your comment that this kind of atmosphere encourages the kind of bald face discrimination that the military has, I believe, tried to eliminate.

  5. Complaining to the chain of command does not always work, especially when the command atmosphere is degraded and servicemembers are treated as second-class citizens. Doing one’s job with honor, integrity, and upholding all of the honorable traditions the military holds dear should be the main factors by which each member is judged. That does not mean that UCMJ regulations are disregarded; the opposite is true. The bar is higher for the command because lives and property are in their hands. When a chain of command is oblivious to the effects their actions have on the morale of the entire crew, that command group is inadequate and dangerous.

    How can a junior enlisted be comfortable coming forward to voice objections to a certain situation when the chain of command is seen complacent, in a deployed environment? It is not easily done in the rear and pretty darn difficult under “normal” circumstances.

  6. I am waiting to see what happens to CAPT Honor’s former commander. The CO had to know about this and tolerated it, or it would have stopped with the first video. I have a real problem with that. On the flip side, I would like to know why this kind of stink wasn’t raised before. It wouldn’t have been that hard to leak these to the press back when it happened; why now?

  7. What gives anyone the right to make fun of others? To belittle them, publicly judge them, to criticize, the way they dress or live? Are we so perfect? What gives?

    This is an issue with me, we have no right, we have no idea what that person has been through or where they are at in there lives., it is in fact none of our business.
    Like i said it’s an issue and yes I care about whether they do their job or not i do mine and dont expect anyone to pick up after me

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