Vigo on a Sunday

Proved to be a lovely city for a walk. Without stores open, the streets weren’t crowded with shoppers. Instead, families were out strolling and tourists were able to gawk without appearing complete rubes.

It was up the hill and off to the left this time rather than hiking up and down the twisty streets and alleys of old town. I got to see some of the more modern sculpture, trees, shaped plants and parks.

There were doors:

Sculpture –

And a bit of fun in the greenery department:

And my favorite sign of all:


Do you start at the top and work down with what ails you?

Do you start with the first practitioner and work down with what ails you?


We hadn’t arrived till 1000, on schedule in spite of 50+ knot winds. Our departure was smooth. Passing once again some of the islands off the coast, we were all rapidly enveloped by fog….

a hazy, foggy exit

a hazy, foggy exit

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