Victoria Falls Hotel

Send your imagination back 120 years to when the British were relatively new comers to the Victoria Falls area. To the time of David Livingstone, to the time of tea, fancy dress and a refusal to acknowledge any other than the “English” way of doing things. To the time where the Brits were happily and self designated as the colonial power and benevolent determinator of rightness in the world.

Now, we come to the Victoria Falls Hotel which was built prior to 1900 as a genteel location for those traveling adventurers, well dressed women and other English who just couldn’t do without a proper morning bath and afternoon cup of tea. The hotel rapidly became known for its discerning clientele and very traditionally built and decorated structure. You might have heard the name before as the last wedding location for Taylor & Burton.

The hotel also allows us normal and average mortals to stop, explore and dine. There are newer (2012) wonderfully mounted botanical exhibits, amazing historical photographs (mostly of the Royal Family on various visits) and the almost complete collection of Pont Prints (Graham Ladler) on “The British Character.” The decor is extremely drawing room/men’s club and there are more than a few trophy heads mounted on the wall…








Guess we have become a bit doggy

Guess we have become a bit doggy

We wandered around, checked out the gift shops which actually had high quality goods (duh), walked out and around the grounds and out to the observation point before taking lunch on the veranda. The soups were lovely and the salads both tasty and interesting. The special of the day offered grilled crocodile in lieu of chicken. Chewy, tasting slightly of fish but not offensive. The ostrich was offered only broiled as a main.





We walked back through Elephant Walk (the shopping area) before going to the hotel.


Our final evening was spent enjoying a dinner cruise on the Zambezi.


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