Choices, choices and no matter which way I chose this morning, the dominos were going to crash.

First up- do I take George to the train station, come home then head to the station myself? Or do I ride along for his early train? I chose company & coffee. Either way, my train turns out to be substituted and 15 minutes late.  Then we have a few stops along the way to Mainz which means that my connecting train has long since departed.

(Did I mention that I stupidly paid for seat reservations for the trip? Since there is a service charge of 15 E it means that my 9E is gone forever. Go figure, I can’t but it means that the Bahn makes a lot of money…(

I skipped the first change possibility due to severe delays on that line and figured that I would just reroute to Duesseldorf instead of Koeln. Imagine my surprise when  this particular train (25 minutes late) had gone through Heidelberg on its way here….  Next connection – not late which was why this was a good choice – was to Venlo. Next connection was directly to Rotterdam.  All anxiety aside, I arrived safe and sound, but almost two hours after my original arrival. Had this been the day of the ship, I would have missed boarding….

Rotterdam! Port, bridges, cruise terminal!

IMG_1771 IMG_1769

I ate dinner at a Korean restaurant and called it an early night.

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