Vancouver – Tuesday


Other than someone from Switzerland calling at what I think was 0100 in the morning, I actually got some sleep. This bodes well for my functioning here, but not so for the return to Europe at the end of the week.

I spent the day at the conference, occasionally appreciating the turning globe.

All the lectures were decent, some of the speakers absolutely outstanding. I can’t figure out the Brit Military attitude toward Leish as presented by the speaker today, but then catching a preventable disease does not win you a free ticket home in the US military.

Wandering downtown at the end of the day I enjoyed the contrast between a few old buildings, and reflections in some of the new. Unfortunately the majority of the architecture is on the high-rise cement with windows version. Functional, but really really boring.
Old VancouverReflections

Ah yes, I bought professional books today. It is always hard for me to tell whether or not I want a book by reading about it in a catalog or on a webpage. Now, if it is fiction and under 7$, I might take a chance. Medical texts, on the other hand, like all professional books can easily run $40-275 a book. I am unlikely to guess at those prices. Since the three major book publishers had reps, I was able to sort through and decide how to best upgrade my references. This is important, money spent on medical texts is money not spent on yarn or knitting books. Let us get our priorities straight.


It is now Monkey, from Knitty. The Opal matches the Horcrux I finished yesterday. The second pair was started on the way in this morning out of colorway LimenViolet in sport weight from Lisa Souza

Monkey socks

From there I think it is the Fluted Barrister out of Shades of Teal from Monarch.

I guess I am keeping this up while I am on the road because that I how I started in the first place: with an email distro list out to family and friends since March of 1998. I still have that running as well, but automated out of Yahoo Groups to make it easy on myself. But most of crew is not at all interested in knitting. And posting pictures is a lot of work out my email account.

Besides, it is a great excuse to make sure that I have email!


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