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Utility Work blocking the drive way — 4 Comments

  1. We are in a corner house of a very quiet block and a main street. A couple of years ago, the powers that be decided to do some serious digging and pipe laying in the middle of the night. For 3 nights all I heard was that beep beep beep of trucks backing up, the digging bit, the lights. I was not a happy camper.

    • seems like you can’t live in a town or city without being the victim of utility work at least once….

  2. An inch and a half more due today here.

    They piled gravel in front of your driveway?! I knew spaces were tight up there street-wise but yow.

    Here, we had a crew cutting off one lane of a main commuter road into downtown and it looked like they were working on the gas pipeline—same as six months ago. Turns out they were: PG&E, given a deadline for inspecting them, hired unlicensed untrained contractors and now they have to do it over again.

    This is not a comfort when the infamous Pipeline 132 runs a few hundred feet away from your house between two gas stations. And no, that’s not where they were having the do-over. Yet? Maybe we got a certified crew the first time.

    • that my dear sounds more than scary. This is at least real EBMUD employees.

      How do I know? I asked!

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