Utility Work blocking the drive way

I keep meaning to take a photo of the utility work that is taking place on our street. According to the placards, it should finish up about the 27th. That seems about right considering that what the workers are doing is digging a marked trench and replacing/adding in some major piping. The catch? We are the first house above the split on Euclid and it is our uphill side on which all of this is taking place.

It isn’t the one way traffic which is the usual dudes with walkie-talkies and stop/slow signs which form the challenge. Today it was the huge pile of gravel directly in the way of the bottom of our driveway. It is the need to get the car OUT prior to 0730 if I have any intention of using it during the day. It is making sure my day doesn’t involve taking anything to the house by car during the day.

The utility work has had the side benefit of making any type of work inside the garage a total and complete impossibility. Can’t weep crocodile tears over that.

The end result is that I wound up hiking up and down the hill a few times while playing taxi service. Tomorrow will be more of the same. With the exception of an early enough drop off that I shouldn’t have any problems getting out.

Oh, and it is still raining.

Other than that –

9 Jan 2017 – 61 squares completed

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4 Responses to Utility Work blocking the drive way

  1. rg says:

    We are in a corner house of a very quiet block and a main street. A couple of years ago, the powers that be decided to do some serious digging and pipe laying in the middle of the night. For 3 nights all I heard was that beep beep beep of trucks backing up, the digging bit, the lights. I was not a happy camper.

    • Holly says:

      seems like you can’t live in a town or city without being the victim of utility work at least once….

  2. Alison says:

    An inch and a half more due today here.

    They piled gravel in front of your driveway?! I knew spaces were tight up there street-wise but yow.

    Here, we had a crew cutting off one lane of a main commuter road into downtown and it looked like they were working on the gas pipeline—same as six months ago. Turns out they were: PG&E, given a deadline for inspecting them, hired unlicensed untrained contractors and now they have to do it over again.

    This is not a comfort when the infamous Pipeline 132 runs a few hundred feet away from your house between two gas stations. And no, that’s not where they were having the do-over. Yet? Maybe we got a certified crew the first time.

    • Holly says:

      that my dear sounds more than scary. This is at least real EBMUD employees.

      How do I know? I asked!

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