Update Challenges

For the simple reason that it was 2007 when I set up all the blogs and websites I face a challenge when needing to perform software upgrades. I happily programmed everything, put the FTP on automatic and away I went. Think about it – setting up the account that long ago means that, while I have the log in information buried securely in my software, I really have no clue as to how to log into the account. What is more, it means that I am restricted to an old netbook. This particular piece of hardware happily tells me everytime I boot it up that “Win 98” is no longer support since April 2014.

Do I really care? Why would I? Oh, yes – if the netbook crashes I am really stuck.

It only took an hour or so to accomplish the updates. This was after the back up. And after the update “failed” once. Probably due to the fact that I skipped a few files…

Any who – I am alive, well and getting over my time zone and travel challenges.

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