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  1. thank you so much – I was hoping you were included in the President’s visit somehow. When I heard the report about his stopover on NPR earlier today I immediately thought of you – your messages are making the war so much more real and so much more personal.

    thanks for including me.

  2. Cool. I do believe you are standing next to another former hospital commander of mine (and wedding guest attendee). Tell her I said hi!

  3. I read the story on line and immediately thought of you. I am glad you had the opportunity to see the President.

  4. I watched Obama’s speech today and you are right, he can speak. …. I am glad that he did visit as he should as the CinC, and the young troops will remember the visit for the rest of their lives. Most of all, I am both pleased and impressed that he visited the hospital first and spent time with the platoon. I suppose that I have become both cynical and distrustful of all politicians so I will end with my gratitude that he did the right thing at the right time and said the right things.

  5. Wow, Holly. Thanks for all the photos. I was going to write and ask if you had a chance to meet The Big Boss. He has a warm and easy air about him, very charming.

    I loved seeing the diverse faces of all the people you work with. That one photo was an incredible sea of camouflage.

    Again, Happy Hanukkah. Wonderful that you have people to gather with.

  6. Because I knew to look I caught a glimpse of you on the television reports…makes me wonder what sort of reception our Prime Minister got from our troops. I doubt it would have been as enthusiastic.

  7. ABC News had footage of the visit and the camera panned around the room. There was a quick shot of your group on your perch – I think I saw you, but only because I knew where to look.

  8. Candle lighting very cool and brought back memories of me doing it in combat zones past; thanks

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