Uncle Henry’s Weekly Swap it or Sell it Guide

A long time ago, or at least before the Internet seemed to have taken over all forms of buying and selling there used to be a bi-weekly sales, swaps and give away sheet in Heidelberg called the Sparmuell. (german spelling not working well today, sorry).

Well, apparently Portland Maine has its version just slightly bigger in size than a paperback book. Complete with color on the cover (only) it is simple newsprint more than willing to smear off black on your hands. C

Let me give you the best example of an add….

Coins, 50 Indian Head Pennies. 1800’s cent. 4 1828 1/2 cent. 1865 cent 2 V cents. 1907 dime. 1915 quarter. Highest offer. Trade for chainsaw, firearm, generator….

Makes you think, doesn’t it.

Meanwhile, Carmen and I are off to the Art Museum, the Fire Museum and maybe even a yarn store depending…

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1 Response to Uncle Henry’s Weekly Swap it or Sell it Guide

  1. AlisonH says:

    A generator? Stretching those coins a little far.

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