Now, if you are on a run of the mill cruise ship, you better remember to bring your own umbrella in case of rain.

fun but sensible from Naples

fun but sensible from Naples

If you travel on the high end, such as Crystal, there is an umbrella in every cabin (wait! doesn’t that sound like a campaign? A chicken in every pot and an umbrella in every closet?) because you obviously need the ship to provide what your household servants would take care of on home turf.

The Seehotel is likely in the midrange – modern looking and outfitted in light scandinavian with the obligate wellness center, sauna and amenities. The TV is flat screen, the small display of mini-bar features mineral water (with gas of course), several different kinds of snack food and a one-person size bottle of 2011 Hagnauer Spaetburgunder Rotwein (Baden-Bodensee). Which, in case you are interested constitutes 0.25l of 12.5% alcohol in a brown labeled bottle with green screw top.

The umbrella is orange in its magnificence and is very unlikely to be either used or taken home by anyone.

bright yes?

bright yes?

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4 Responses to Umbrellas

  1. Isobel says:

    Why can I definitely relate to this? 🙂 Yet another yarn shop has closed. This time in Lexington, MA. Long time store. Very sad. I think it was a combination of the landlord raising the rent and teh owner getting older. Sigh. So now I am left with the yarn store in York ME where I teach AND get 25% off. (dangerous) There is a shop in Dover, NH but that’s at least a half hour and the one in York is better anyway.

    What are you doing at the Seehotel?

  2. Brad says:

    Rick Steves loves this area

  3. Ann says:

    What? No photos? This all sounds interesting. Is this a river cruise? I’m getting a bit confused by all your travels.

  4. Holly says:


    Sorry, was a bit slow on getting them up!

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