Two in one day

There are those days on which there are no surprises, and the days where one can have multiple chances for fun.

not dropped tablets

my friends but hail which happened when the skys opened up like dumped wash water flooding over the terrace and pinging across the slate. It had been 37C. Yes, that is right – body temperature creating extremely crabby bodies.

For all of your ready scoff at our misery just remember that the heat wave is in Germany; land of beer, bretzels and no A/C. That is right, air conditioning here means that you open your windows and turn on a fan.

Someone else must have gotten a bit bored and hot – we heard crashing around

south end of a north bound ….

on the back entry way. By the time I found the camera she was around the side of the house looking for snacks. Apparently camera shutters are particularly scary.

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