Two for one & a bonus of Pantheon

If you are easily offended by comments on Italian/religious art please stop reading right now and hit the as the rest of this post has absolutely nothing to do with tolerance or political correctness.


After leaving the ship early via walk off and sharing a cab to the train station (20€/taxi & 10€/2 on the train) Salli and I took the 0640 to Rome Termini. Since George walked over from the hotel I was once again able to prove that I actually have a husband.

The Rome planning I left to George which might explain my present total and complete amazement. We first wandered over to the Palais Borghese which is now devoted to art. I could not imagine that there were actually that many fat baby paintings much less male religios figures with and without spikes/thorns/clothing/other people …. Oh yes. And to balance it we had the whole (or major part) of the Roman pantheon engaged in various activities with rape and flogging well represented.

Then there are those paintings and statues with and without fig leaves. I will end this section with the question: is a man without a penis still a god?

Moving on, the next stop was the modern art museum. Again, like the Istanbul Modern, some was fabulous and other paintings I just didn’t get. If some one had labeled them as middle school art projects I would not have known the difference.

FYI, Trevi Fountain is currently under renovation. There is a complete set up of elevated walk ways which had the horde shuffling along Zombie like in single file to take their pictures of scaffolding, plastic sheeting and the occasional visible extremity.

I was Museumed out for the day. Plenty of marble buildings with curlicues, Roman Numeral dates. There are enough religious statues and crosses to give me a complex.

We wandered around for s few hours more before heading back to the hotel. My FitBit is saying 19,725 steps.

That should be enough.

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