This morning we drove to Upavon for a meeting. Since I had nothing portable on the needles, I read trash and slept for the ride. This is the time in practically forever that I can remember where I have absolutely no portable project underway.

I just found it impossible to get excited about starting anything else with long term projects just sitting there. Coupled with the fact that most of the sock patterns in my queue are not mindless knitting. Horrible to say, but I might actually have enough pairs of regular socks.


Which leads me to Tubey, my March Madness project. After a long avoidance, Tubey is finished. It had been sitting there in pieces/parts for a month.

I took a breath and bound the back to the arms –

Binding the back to the arms

did some messing around to get the front part attached –

Binding the front to the arms

and then decided that the neckline really needed a finish, which I did with I-cord.

Finished Tubey

It is surprisingly comfortable on, but way too warm for this time of year. Figures.


Viking Ship Sweater

I also staked out the Viking Ship Sweater to see what I have

Viking Ship

Normally, I would block at the end, but I am sorely tempted block the body now, before I cut the front steek. I think it would be easier than basting the front together later. I could do the same with the arms prior to finishing them.

What do you think?


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2 Responses to Tubey

  1. Ruth says:

    Wow…not enough know-how to comment on the process, but that is a beautiful sweater! The Tubey is nice, too…but I am sooo impressed with the Viking ship.

  2. amandaj says:

    What do I think? I think you are amazing! I love your Tubey – this one has been in my to do list on and off since I discovered Knitty. I might have to have a go. Your Viking sweater is stunning but I have no idea what you should do with it!

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