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  1. Oh, my…what a project to move! I thought clearing out closets to get new carpeting in the bedrooms was an effort. It did help me get rid of so much stuff though. We’ve been in our house 27 years. Stuff just multiplies. Anyway, I hope the week and move go smoothly, your tooth gets fixed, and that you are ready for the movers. Are you moving to the house in SF? Another adventure awaits!

  2. @Kris

    stuff is going there. I am not moving for several more years. But definitely have to get to your area again in the next year!

    (35 years worth of stuff. Since Uncle Sam has always paid for the moves, there was never an incentive to clean out before now…. they didn’t bother to weigh things till about six years ago

  3. Hello Holly,
    I have followed your travels and travails since Esperance in Western Australia.
    Good luck with the removal. To get back from such extensive travels and go full tilt into the archeological experience of moving house must have been a bit of a shock. Having done enough removals myself, I have a fair idea of what you are going through. If you did manage to get any fairies to help, could you send them my way after you have finished? We have two households worth of stuff in our place after our daughter was living here when we were away for a year, and it would be nice to reclaim our space now she is off in Europe for a couple of months! I think I need an attic……make sure your new place has adequate storage! Kind regards, Glenda

    • Glenda –

      the house in Berkeley CA most certainly doesn’t have adequate storage. Yes there is a garage and by rumor it is not damp. But it is not attached to the house. Nor is it reached by the driveway. Instead it is at the bottom of the hill with two sets of stairs. The first gets from street level to the driveway, the second from the driveway to the house. Not exactly convenient!

      I actually have had several fairies – fellow knitters who have kindly come and helped organize. Naturally I was able to reward such kindness with yarn and wool and fabric and (grin) … it pays to have willing friends.

      Now, perhaps I could be talked into coming back to Australia next June-July – 30 days to travel and 30 days to help you shovel. Is that too late?

  4. @Holly

    Ok, I get it. Getting the “stuff” moved while you can still have Uncle Sam move it for you.

    Yes!! Do come up this way. We’d love to have you visit, and I am a pretty good travel guide for this area. I’ve even learned some Italian restaurants in Seattle for when you return, and a little more about Seattle. There is so much to see out here. And, lots of pretty scenery for you to take pictures…and hike a little, too.

    I’m thinking we will make it to Europe next year, too. Then, we’ll teach you about Space A travel and you can teach us about cruising. 🙂

    Good luck with the rest of the moving of stuff.

  5. Please be very careful attempting to catch lightning flashes on film. I suppose there are safe ways to do so, but doubt any would appeal to me.

  6. I know about ends – patchwork vests had too many for comfort.

    I am highly impressed by your organisational capacities though – all those plastic boxes!

  7. I wonder if movers still try to get way with just taping those plastic bins and loading ’em that way. You’ll know soon enough, and no, I don’t recommend letting them get away with it. The huge rolls of bubble wrap though, are great for preserving furniture etc.
    We’re rooting for you.

  8. Trying to catch lightning strikes must take special equipment or zillions of attempts, and then I bet you need to use the multiple exposure setting. However, it is fun to try. Same with fireworks.

  9. @Holly

    It’s a choice, but I couldn’t stand the forever-sticky outside of each one. I had them boxed after the first time and recycled the cardboard on the other end, usually to DIY movers.

  10. @Chere’

    this way the bins can stay in the garage in CA till I have time to deal with them in Dec – and without all that extra packing material…

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