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Trying a new route/cruise line — 8 Comments

  1. Let us know how you like Princess. We have only sailed them a couple of times but have enjoyed them.

  2. Sounds wonderful.

    I gather we’re in for at least another foot of snow. It starts tonight and lasts until midnight on Monday. We seem to be losing Monday this year. This will be the second Monday in a row that we’ve had more than a foot. Sigh. At least we have someone who comes and plows us out.

  3. Hi did one princess cruise many years and found nothing wrong with it. But like all cruise ships will take your money and it is pot luck. We feel if you want 6 star plus pay it and then complain,if there is faults.

    I hope you enjoyed your visit with your family.
    God blessyou

  4. We missed you in San Francisco! Rebecca, Sally, and I arrived there Thursday morning for the b’nai mitzvot of my niece’s twins, a girl and a boy, on Saturday. They did well. Of course, we spent all of our time visiting with relatives and friends who came for the event. I returned Sunday. Rebecca and Sally went to Napa to visit a friend. They will return Wednesday night.

    Enjoy your voyage.

  5. Glad to see you are cruising again. Matt and I have cruise a few times on Princess and have never been disappointed. Was glad to hear your adorable cat decided to wonder back home.
    Well that is all the exciting news from here. Looking forward to your travel blogs, living vicariously through
    your travels till we get on another cruise. Happy trails,

  6. thank you for the great info, we noticed on researching Princess that they did not have sofas in their balcony cabins like Royal has in their D1-2 cabins, we like our sofa.

    I like the dedicated lounges on Royal & Celiberty and Princess would have to be be extremely inexpensive to cruise on before we changed.

    quite a pat on the back for you getting Princess to accept a cabin crawl, leave it to you to change a major cruise lines thinking, who knows maybe they will hire you.

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