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  1. Any chance of getting a insult at Sloan-Kettering? They live complexity….actually I meant to say “love” but they also live it.

    • Not just no, but absolutely not.

      What I have is one of the most types out there. We have learned a lot in the last 20 years. You don’t ever do more treatment than is needed. You can always add, taking away doesn’t work.

      It really comes down to – do I, for convenience of transportation – put myself in the position of working with doc who is not happy with the treatment plan?

  2. This sounds an awful lot like how things went the previous time, too. As I recall, they also weren’t very happy with your decision, and the numbers were in your favor.

  3. The US was still over treating in 1995, and came around to the German way of thinking close to a decade later. Too many patients died from treatment, rather than disease. The immune therapies weren’t out till 1997. Most of the early research was actually done between Stanford and UCSF.

    • nah, not anymore. They are huge fans of bendamustine. I’m not. It is an alkylating agent,

  4. I love that you’re taking how the Martinez doctor feels about it and her comfort level into account, even when that makes life harder for you in the transportation department. You’re a peach. And you know how I feel about great peaches.

    • Nah – the problem isn’t parking. The problem is the drive itself. It takes longer to drive than it does to take public transport. and the transport is cheaper. There are more cars at the VA then there are parking spots. The handicap slots fill first.

  5. I think you have made the best decision. While Martinez is easier, why be at war with a doc? Also, it is in the end your decision and she should be doing whatever you want…

  6. “I’m on the low end of the aggressive spectrum. No, wait “ ?

    Sounds like you will be more comfortable at the SF VA. And the good news is that it is only once a week for a limited period of time.

  7. So, you find the right person who understands your needs as well as cancer-treatment. And if you have to go out of your area or to a non-VA hospital, go for it. It made all the difference for him, and it will for you, too.

    And on a much light note, it hit 9 deg sometime early this morning. I want winter to disappear. Feh.

    • and we are whining here while it is still above freezing.

      Most people can’t live without “Something being done….NOW”

      Perhaps I think because I have been lucky so far I am entitled to stay that way? But then the stats say being “over 60” is not good.


  8. Thank you for your share. Seldom do I get an in site full account of a real situation and the decisions (sp) that may have to be made. Your a peach !
    Happy Hanaka again (sp)

    • don’t worry about spellings – especially with Hannuka, Hanukah, Channuka etc etc. It is transliterated from a non-latin alphabet (Hebrew) so there isn’t a right spelling!

  9. hmmmm. dilemma for certain. But the doctor still needs to be flexible and give you choice if you so desire not to be overly aggressive. Your decision, and only you know all the circumstances, but I would opt for the easier commute, as this entire treatment will be quite taxing enough.

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