Trailhead Cafe

Once known as Eden, the town changed its name to Bar Harbor in the early 1900s. Long the location for the wealthy and the lobster fisherman, the town today still focuses on these two main income streams. Since it is a small port, the ship lies at anchor and we came in by tender. After the fitness center and breakfast I managed to be at the atrium early enough to get early tickets.

Anyway, I received the recommendation from the Island Card Shop on the edge of town. After hiking around town for a couple of hours, I was able to take pictures prior to most of those on the ship cluttering up the scenery. I am now sitting in this lovely cafe on Cottage Street. I am half listening to a conversation about military service and the new Post 9-11 GI Bill. There is a young local couple who own and operate the cafe. Over the next hour, the conversation heads off into college, hiking, running and camel spiders. Go figure.

Did I mention that they have free WiFi? Or had you already guess that?

I am not taking tours, just relaxing. Unless, of course, I decide to take a hike up Cadillac Mountain. But seriously, Bee’s Yarns is much more likely! Meanwhile, the old wooden buildings in historical colors are kind of fun.

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