Toulon, I didnt

It was a fine and crisp 6*C when we docked this morning at the commercial port 10 km from town. Amazingly enough, the ship offered a free water shuttle into town. If I was going to be cynical, I would say that there are not enough commercial buses to hire and tours make more money. The water craft hold 200+ which means more people travel at a time and fewer trips need to be made. It takes more time to board and disembark than it does for the trip.

I looked out there, clean and shiny across the bay. I thought about the weather and the cold breeze. I considered that when I was here before I saw the town, the museum of interest to me and really don’t need anything from the market.

I walked the ship, stopped in the library and took a nap, saving my energy for the hike into Barcelona from Berth A or B tomorrow.

Cabin numbering systems

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