Too many choices

Since today is the last official sea day of the cruise it seemed like everything was scheduled for today.  The concierge scheduled both galley and back stage tours for the morning. The C&A staff planned their bridge tour at the same time as the above two activities.  Then there was the luncheon promised to those of us B2B from the last cruise.  It was added to the “Meal with an Officer” luncheon which was combine with e B2B luncheon for those staying for the next cruise.  (That makes it a 3/1 deal on the part of the Legend…..). The Salmon was excellent, the veggies crisp and the mashed potatoes ignored.

After attending a couple of the afternoon lectures, I presented myself at the dining room promptly (more or less) at 1730.  John Rae, the Hotel Director, had included me at his table this evening.  Since it was a formal evening this counted as being invited to the Captain’s Table complete with souvenir menu and photo.

Returning to my cabin at a reasonable time, the maintainence guys managed to find and stop the leak which appeared mid day. And before the cola line in the pool bar was depleted.   I completed most of my packing for the obvious reason of ports the next two days plus an early departure on the 3rd.

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