Too few days –

and too much OBC.

Not a problem one often has. Most cruises anymore don’t provide a lot of On Board Credit. Further, many have limitations on how you can spend it. For some reason, I wound up with a bunch on this cruise. In an effort to avoid dealing with the main dining room, Cheré and I both prepaid the gratuities leaving us with monopoly money to spend. Since almost all of it is non-cash, it vanishes into the coffers of RCCL without a trace if we don’t spend it. And as far as the shops on board – forget it! The last thing I need is either junk or more t-shirts.

What my kids will appreciate even more is that I am not even buying magnets this go round. No postcards either because they already have them from these ports.

Not sure either of those have anything to do with OBC but I get distracted quite easily.

OBC – one can eat in specialty restaurants. Cheré and I hit Giovanni’s the first night. It was excellent. We went there for lunch once. We tried the sushi – it was ok but not fabulous and certainly not worth a trip back.

Will have to figure it out, but meanwhile, knitting proceeds

Octavia's Garden in the middle of the melody

Octavia’s Garden in the middle of the melody

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  1. Cat says:

    Do put a photograph up when the Octavia’s Garden is finished and blocked!

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