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  1. Hello. Interesting construction on that one! I say knit the leg of the sock in fair isle, do the heel you like, and then you could either break off and do the top of the sock in the flat fair isle and graft to the bottom, then toe. OR do fair isle on the leg, heel as you like and then just do the fair isle all around the foot of the sock down to the toe. It would look close to the other sock that way from afar.

  2. That is one complicated method for knitting a sock!! The result is a very cool sock, but I think I would go with fraternal 2nd time around!

  3. I like the look of the sock, but if you aren’t enamoured with the pattern, do what you want to do. I haven’t ever done an afterthought heel, and I agree about circulars and socks. DPNs for me all the way – it just seems to go quicker!

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