three pattern repeats

I managed three pattern repeats on the Hyacinth today. That is an increase of 60 stitches per row just today and I still have somewhere from 4-6 repeats (each 10 rows long) to go. I still want to find a shawl that is all decreases instead of increases. Then each row would feel like it was going faster rather than taking ever longer.

And I have to decide which of the UFOs I should tackle next.

It won’t be tomorrow – I am off to Gosport to a meeting. We are meeting up at 0600 in order to be there at 0800. I don’t have to drive, and perhaps I could even sleep. What I do know about this arrangement is that it gets me out of staying for the formal dinner as the four I am riding with are sensibly interested in getting back to Camberley to get some sleep before we turn around and do it again tomorrow.

Perhaps I can take pictures from the car window? Nah – I am not bringing a camera, it is not that kind of meeting.

Books et all

Listened to the first 15 episodes of Discovered Country by Nora Fleischer. It seems to be a time traveler/post holocaust type story and I still haven’t gotten the point so I switched to Mur Lafferty’s Playing for Keeps.

In hardcover, I just finished the latest Sookie Stackhouse.

Of this, of course, was between getting some work done and cruising other people’s blogs.

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4 Responses to three pattern repeats

  1. Turtle says:

    sounds like you have been busy holly! hmm, sookie stackhouse sounds familiar, may have to go google.

  2. Carmen says:

    Is it really 0 deg C in Heidelberg? Or is the Wetter thingy broken? Pictures from cars don’t generally work out. Good decision. I hope my elk photos will crop. I think that’ll be the next blog topic.

  3. amanda j says:

    Well, for a start your FOs are a whole lot more interesting than mine! However they are also a lot older!

    I finished my Wicked II, so I can cross that one off.

  4. ruth says:

    You’ve been tagged for a meme. Do not lob knitting needles at me. You know you want to do this! OK, Maybe not. But it was fun. My first one.

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