Three Degrees

Breakfast with College Guy and errands took up a significant chunk of the day. Which goes absolutely nowhere in explains why I took a detour to Jessica Knits.

While standing at the counter I overheard the two lovely women speaking about a friend on an educational ship in the Baltic. I looked up and asked if that would be the U of VA’s “semester at sea” ship? Startled, they said yes as a matter of fact. I then hazarded a guess that their friend had boarded the ship in Hamburg. yes again. I then told them they should ask their friend if she had met Mac (from the Independence TA) and if so say hi for me.

I met Mac, who teaches/taught Spanish in real life because he was brave/foolish enough to join Roy, Dave, myself and whomever else wanted an insane conversation early mornings in the Diamond Lounge. Good guy and able to hold his own which was actually pretty impressive considering. He was leaving the ship in Southampton to fly Hamburg. Six weeks on another ship, huh.

Anyway. No good dead should go unpunished. For that matter, this is only two degrees of separation after all. If I had gotten Mac’s email, I would include him on this post. Ah, well.

And I replaced the knitting needle I lost along the journey so all is goo.

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