Three Days in Vienna

or is it four? I always get confused between what seems like an honest estimate of how long I have been somewhere and what one would find on a travel brochure.

We arrived mid-day on Wed and are leaving on Saturday. By a “real” count it means a slight bit more than three full days as one would count by the clock spent in this interesting city. From a tours & travel point of view I am sure it would be advertised as “Four Days and Three Nights in ……” since we arrived on Wednesday and are leaving on Saturday having spent the three night in between soundly asleep in a comfortable hotel bed.

For those of you who know my music predilections, it should come as no surprise that I spent no evenings listening to fat ladies caterwauling. For that matter, we didn’t go to any theater or concerts either. George was here primarily to work, leaving only today as his for scouting around the city. I had a bit more luxury and had spent a fair number of hours hiking around in the old part of the city.

Which lead of course to repetition today when we went for a stroll (14K+ steps…..) I neither bought nor ate chocolate but did get a chance to see Dorotheum which is probably best described as three floors of auctionable items and the Continental answer to Sotheby’s. There are more paintings on the wall than in most museums, an extensive china exhibit/items for sale, figurines galore, jewelry and weapons (rifles, pistols & revolvers – go figure). Should you have extra cash lying around – there is an auction on 19th Century Oils & Watercolors on the 9th, Stamps on the 11th and all those previous mentioned hunting/sport/collectable weapons on the 13th. Just in time for the Christmas Holiday you could perhaps invest in collectable toys on the 22nd.

None of this sounds exciting enough for me to cancel my planned trip to the US on the 18th. Which lead me to my reservation to/from Germany. Which is going to need the return flight altered since I thought I had made it for end Feb and instead it showed up as March (at which point I will be in Uganda). Oatmeal for brains or just inattention?

Perhaps everything will look better with sleep?

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