three car loads


Today actually wasn’t technically all that productive but I am going to claim it anyway. Three car loads left the house. Two were our car filled to the brim with donations to one of the local charity shops. This particular volunteer group deals primarily with refugees and is in partnership with a small town in Bosnia. Still recovering from last year’s floods, think fabric, yarn, notions. (I mentioned them before I think). What I didn’t mention the last time was their charity shop primarily because I didn’t know it existed. So add in some office supplies, household small items, clothing, bedding, shoes, toys. You get the idea.


Following that, Diana’s sister came by to pick up a large box of fleece. While she was at it, she was willing to take all the extra magazines that were looking for a home. She will share them with her knitting and spinning groups as she gets them sorted out. Oh, and some old costumes, and a bit of fabric (found after the other batch had left). ┬áDiana took a number of mags, some yarn and some fiber. Their third sister took a few children’s books. End result? The back of her station wagon packed full. And yes, I did thank them most sincerely!


As part of this, I sorted out three boxes of English Language children’s books headed to a specific school in Africa, all the clothes so far in the donate pile. Those that didn’t go out today will windup at the Thrift Store on Ramstein. All the Jewish children’s books to be dropped at the Ramstein Chapel on Monday.


Did I mention dropping off three large bags of books @ the Neuegasse swap shelf before 0600 this morning (prior to the parking restrictions), going to the Strikktreff at Red and heading down the street for several hours this evening to a BBQ.


I left George there chatting, but I was too tired to be even mildly coherent by 2200.


Tomorrow will be more of the same, only with rain.


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5 Responses to three car loads

  1. catdownunder says:

    This makes me more determined than ever to be rid of some excess from here – passed on a lot of donated yarn recently – not the sort of thing you or I would ever want to use. The quality would simply not be worth the effort of making it up.

  2. Kathy H says:


  3. Isobel says:

    You are an inspiration! I did sort of a clear out (aka organization) of “study” (aka stash room w/computer). It seems that I had more boxes of yarn than I had “cubbies” to put them in. Also realized that I had a perfectly good closet with fabric, etc that I moved here 15 years ago.

    Two big bags of wind proof fleece fabric to Adam. Lots of paper thrown out, ditto yarn that was too small or too tangled to be of much good to anyone. As a matter of fact so much paper that we had to enlist a second large garbage pail.

    I’m feeling sort of virtuous but there is always more.

    Weather here nice for a change. Warm without being too humid. Did I mention that I only have one window in my room and no where to put an air conditioner? Of course that limits the time I can spend in “cleaning.”

  4. Marie says:

    Well done. I hope that it will be easy getting this house sorted.

  5. Cheryl says:

    You are being too hard on yourself-that sounds pretty productive to me!

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